Well well. You managed to find this little page here, did you? Well done. Just for that we'll show you some things you probably wouldn't be able to see elsewhere at www.sickindividual.com. Follow me.

Wanna see video footage of Grant and Leigh dancing around in a dress?

You do? Oh alright then. A long, long time ago (2002) in a galaxy far far away (Beaufort, Australia) four young individuals got together to film their own version of The Sound of Music. The lyrics to this blasphemous remix of the classic film can be found below. But for the entire short film, check out this download link! (Right Click, Save As) It was shown at a private music clip screening at Fox Studios Australia!! You WILL NOT be disappointed. Unless of course you hate it. Check out the pics then download it (only 2.69MB)!


Have you ever wondered what the words were to some of those songs?

Long Road Back Home
From I-Team credits

It's a long road
It's a long road back to home
It'll be a long time
Our souls are still on loan

It's been a hard life
A life full of strife
And when we get back home
We'll be taking our souls off loan


The Sound of Music Remix
From SOM Remix Film

The hills are alive
With the sound of music
And this is the way
That I abuse it
But you'll have to excuse me
I never liked the sound of music

The hills are alive
No they've died
With the sound of music
But not for long, cause the Nazi's are gunna blow your brains out!! (repeat)

Goth Girl
A private project

She's got black hair
And a white face
Without make-up she looks bare
In the Goth world a disgrace

Goth Girl

She's got long nails
Her clothes are black
Mention Marilyn Manson
And she's on her back!


Lets talk to the real stars of Sick Individual Productions...

Hello there! As you can see I'm the old Sony Camcorder. I've been around since the beginning with my trusty sidekick - the Sony editing board. But now I'm supposedly obsolete!! They replaced me with a new-fang dangled DIGITAL camera! And my sidekick with a REAL computer! So distasteful... 

They call me the 'Go anywhere, Do anything, Hyundai machine' Actually they religiously sing it. I'll do anything for those idiots, even dress up as a tank. Me - a tank - can you imagine? Idiots. But they like me, and I like them in my own way. I rue the day I break down for good. Gotta...keep...going...for them.

That's right. I'm the Rope! No respect! I've been in two major films. In the I-Team as torturing equipment (yeah, well imagine how I felt) & Dangerous Dan holding the whole damn rope bridge together. You try holding up those Sick Individuals!! One day maybe I'll get a job with George Lucas...

 I've been mocked from day one by those Sick Individuals. I mean, it's obvious what my purpose in life is, but instead I get shoved (and a bit rougher than I like actually) on top of a fake APC, in a spot where they're all too sissy to sit. I fell off a few times too, damn them, and hurt my pretty little head.

The rest of these amateurs surrounding me have gotta wake up and do what I did! Only accept the role if you're the star! I starred in a Sick Individual Production, and scarred a Sick Individual. If they treated me like they treat you guys, that would've been the real deal in Rise of the Condoms, man!

Yeah yeah, you guessed it. I'm all the bloody army clothing! I cost a fair amount too! And this is how they treat me?! They drag me through the mud and rip me for the sake of art! And every Sick Individual and his mum has worn me and I can't remember if I've ever been washed! I'm gagging.

And that's all the special features for now. Be sure to check back later...