Little Johnnie Gets Lucky
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Well Little Johnnie is a very naughty boy. I really enjoy doing this series of little skits when ever I get the chance and inspiration to do so. He is fun to play and a little perverse.

Little Johnnie is based on the Little Johnnie told in jokes world wide. He started off in a friends Uni project and then went on to feature in the Curse of the Weremoose as a fill in skit. Since then he has enjoyed being in of his own little features.

The three shorts he has starred in are: 1) Little Johnnie Gets Lucky where he gets personal with a rabbit hole. 2) Little Johnnies Fantasy where we delve into his little fantasy life. 3) Little Johnnie Fact or Fiction we the viewer get to decide on the truth about his love life.




Little Johnnie - Grant Meredith

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