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Director, Producer, Actor, Editor, Special Effects, Camera & Script.

Grant Meredith
Leigh Achterbosch
Paul Goossens
John Franc
Rod Lofts
Peter Beerens
Warren Feltham
Mark Feltham
Daniel Jones
Bit Parts

Sick Individual Biography

Grant Meredith founded and has lead
Sick Individual Productions through it's golden era to an age of new discovery. He is a multi-award winning director and producer and has also starred in many of his features including the Mixo Joe Saga. Self taught and trained Grant has continued to learn and experiment with film. With a close-knit team of friends he continues to pump out entertaining features.

Sick Individual Filmography

There has been many roles to date, both major and minor roles. Here are the most notable.

Mixo Joe 1: Mixo Joe
Mixo Joe 2: Mixo Joe
Mixo Joe 3: Mixo Joe
Mixo Joe 4: Mixo Joe
The Curse of the Weremoose: Weremoose
I love Ewe: Farmer
Two Knights Ago: Knight
Winter of the Udds: Original Udd Seeker & Various Freedom Fighter Roles
Udds Armageddon: "G" of the I-Team & Various Lead Roles
Dark Prophecy: Master Irrational Rabbit
Dangerous Dan Jones: Arab Dervish
The I-Team Project FUBAR: Agent G
Udds X: Agent G

Non Sick Individual Filmography

The Oregon Path (Aust. Vietnamese Youth Media - 2003): Cyborg