Here for all you lucky fans is the transcribed Mixo Joe vs. The Dragon script and dialogue!

Mixo Joe (Ninja Rabbit) played by Grant Meredith
Old Wiseman (Village Leader) played by John Franc and Paul Goossens
Knight (Noble Hero) played by Paul Goossens
The Dragon (Evil Monster) played by Paul Goossens

Shot 01: Old Wiseman and Knight sitting in an open field.

Shot 02: Old Wiseman and Knight seated (close side view)

     Old Wiseman "There is a big Dragon terrorising the villagers. You are the only man I can trust to destroy it. He lives on a mountain in a big cave on top of the first peak"

Shot 03: Outside view of a cave opening with spooky moans and winds

Shot 04: Side view of the cave mouth with fire shooting out and sounds of flatulence.

Shot 05: Old Wiseman and Knight seated in conversation.

     Old Wiseman "Now go forth young man and kill the vile beast, it has big teeth and claws (sill laughter)

Shot 06: Reversed angle view of the 2 heroes. The Knight rises up

     Knight "Yes Sire"

Shot 07: The Knight runs off from the Wiseman and past the camera

Shot 08: The Knight proceeds into the Dragon's cave. Screams come from the cave and the Knight runs out in terror

Shot 09: The Knight approaches the still seated Wiseman

     Knight "Master, I have been defeated by the Dragon. What is to do now? The village is dammed. What should I do?"

     Old Wiseman "Don't worry my son. This magic corn will fix it"  (The Old Wiseman places and peels the magic corn and chants the magical spell)   "Ichity ackity ook ahh ahh zickety zackety zing!" (Mixo Joes materialise in between the two shocked heroes)

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Shot 10: Mixo Joe inquisitively approaches the Old Wiseman

     Mixo Joe "Why have you summoned me?"

     Old Wiseman "I have summoned you Ninja Rabbit because of the defeat of the Knight and what has happened is you must go and slay the Dragon"

     Mixo Joe "A Dragon! Give me a Dragon! I'll fight it with one hand tied behind my back"

Shot 11: Mixo Joe charges into the cave. Screams are heard and Mixo flees with the Dragon in chase.

Shot 12: Mixo runs out into the open field  whilst being closely chased by the Dragon

Shot 13: Mixo Joe and the Dragon square off and enter into hand to hand combat until the Dragon backs off slightly

Shot 14: The Dragon sneezes fire

Shot 15: Mixo standing and producing a water pistol from behind his back

     Mixo Joe "I've got just the thing to combat you!"

Shot 16: Mixo squirts the Dragon's mouth

     Mixo Joe "I've got a super soaker!"

Shot 17: Mixo Joe and the Dragon once again square off and prepare for mortal combat

     Mixo Joe "Dragon, it's once again mono to mono. I have no alternative now but to kill you!" (A titanic battle occurs and both contestants are knocked down to the ground)

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Shot 18: Mixo Joe is laid out flat and then he rises

     Mixo Joe "Pesky Dragon. I know what will fix him! Easter egg!" (Mixo pulls from his fur an Easter egg with a lit fuse)

Shot 19: Mixo Joe holding the Easter egg approaches the Dragon in a gesture of peace

     Mixo Joe "Here you go Dragon, an Easter egg as a peace offering I want to be your friend

     Dragon taking the egg and running off "Thank you goody goody"

Shot 20: The Dragon stumbles happily into his cave

     Dragon "I've got a goody!"

Shortly after an explosion occurs and the Dragon shakily stumbles out.

Shot 21: A stumbling Dragon approaches Mixo Joe

     Dragon "That's it rabbit, you win!" (Dragon falls over)

     Mixo Joe "(laughing) Ha Ha I win, (yells out) Ninja Rabbit Mixo Joe!"

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