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God Damned is currently in production by Sick Individual Productions.

A tale of heavenly vengeance and generations of persecution. How long can a man hold onto his faith? How forgiving is heaven? These notions will be explored within this film.

This page is the production diary and will contain all the pre-production, shooting and post-production information about this short flick.

Be sure to check back regurlarly for new information regarding this film.

Pre-Production Information

The script has been written and the cast has been worked out. This film is going to be a smaller production, and only requires four cast members, however the props and technical issues involved with the film is putting shooting on hold.

So far confirmed are Peter Beerens (left) in the main role, with the 3 members from the I-Team filling in the remaining positions.

Grant has spent quite a bit on props for the film which he will be posting shortly.


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