Shot in early 2003, The I-Team: Project FUBAR has been a huge success for Sick Individual Productions. It is a combination of the brilliant special effects (which you can see in Tips)  from UDDS Armageddon, the excellent portrayal of character and drama in Dark Prophecy, and the continually flowing action of Dangerous Dan Jones. It also features improved special effects and the largest cast ever assembled in a Sick Individual Production. But what is it about?

In quiet little parts of the world, quiet little missions take place for the sake of global safety. Now one of these missions has gone wrong! This is the 
harrowing tale of an early adventure of the
I-Team, the special ops force that destroyed the UDD base and ultimately turned the tide of the great Udd War.

The I-Team leader G is deep within the jungle and is attacked by guerrilla fighters. The other two members, L & P must find the strength within themselves to continue with their responsibilities elsewhere whilst awaiting the word on G.

The filming was done in 5 months, and some critical scenes were re-shot entirely many times until the right result was produced. All this coupled with a new digital camera (all previous outings were analogue based) and it'll be hard not to impress!

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High Quality Film

Size: 50.0MB
Format: .wmv
Length: 12min 32sec
Resolution: 704 x 576

Low Quality Film

Size: 18.3MB
Format: .wmv
Length: 12min 32sec
Resolution: 320 x 240




Agent G: Grant Meredith
Agent P: Paul Goossens
Agent L: Leigh Achterbosch
Agent Johnson/Enemy Soldier:
Josh Lloyd
General Barnaky: Kieran Jones
Lead Torturer: John Franc
Psychotic Torturer/Enemy Soldier (various): Augustus Hammerstein
Lead Enemy Soldier: Dan Jones
Enemy Soldier (various): Warren Feltham
Enemy Soldier (various):
Sean Letcher
Enemy Soldier (various): Shane Hoffmann
Enemy Soldier (various): Ian Coleman
Enemy Soldier (various): Matt Letcher
Enemy Soldier (various): Ben Schoenfelder
Enemy Soldier (various): Wally Schoenfelder

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