Never has a band rocked a town and a generation of locals before as "LPG" did in the late 90s!

Formed in the late 90s by Leigh Achterbosch ("L"), Paul Goossens ("P"), and Grant Meredith ("G"), LPG entertained the masses with their unique blend of rock, blues, folk and soft metal!

Their music was tight and well composed. This was due to their personal approach to their instruments. Leigh had complete mastery of his mandolin and guitar, Paul had his finely honed guitar and drum skills, and Grant swung his axe (bass guitar) with precision into the forest of soul. They all shared in some inspiring vocals.

The songs that they sung were full of hope and inspiration for the generation of youth who were fed up with the current state of the world at the time.

Ballarat laughed and cried at hearing such legendary ballads as Happy Town, Love Somebody, Bear With No Hair and I Still Call Humffray St Home.

Live on the Couch

Two of their finest shows were played in Ballarat, the first was 'On the Couch with LPG' as you can see in various pictures. It was a very experimental time for them, when they churned out classic after classic. The other was at the Battle of the Bands, where they took out a victory in much the style 'Wyld Stallions' did in 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey'.

Download songs from that event below. Enjoy!
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Live at the Battle


Commodore 64 Happy Town (Drum Version) The Night Watchmen He's a Redneck
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