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Actor, Music Composer, & Secondary Camera.

Grant Meredith
Leigh Achterbosch
Paul Goossens
John Franc
Rod Lofts
Peter Beerens
Warren Feltham
Mark Feltham
Daniel Jones
Bit Parts

Sick Individual Biography

Famous for his dramatic portrayal of the evil Hsung Tung in the Mixo Joe saga, Leigh is now the Sick Individual Productions chief musical composer, and a secondary cameraman to Grant himself. Still though, he loves playing multiple onscreen roles and has certainly boosted his range of talents. He is a Sick Individual Productions player to watch in the future.

Sick Individual Filmography

Mixo Joe 3: Hsung Tung
Mixo Joe 4: Hsung Tung
Winter of the Udds: Various  Freedom Fighter Roles
Udds Armageddon: "L" of the I-Team & Various Lead Roles 
Dark Prophecy: Prophet Poontang
Dangerous Dan Jones: Head-hunter, Ninja & Nazi 
The I-Team Project FUBAR: Agent L
Udds X: Agent L

Sick Individual Musical Scores

Udds Armageddon
Dangerous Dan Jones
PC Powerman
Sound of Music Remix
The I-Team Project FUBAR
Udds X