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Dark Prophecy was completed in early 2002. It is a comical tribute to the classical Oriental sword fighting movies that I love to watch. The shoot was difficult and we had to up climb mountains and down old mine shafts to get the shots. Sometimes in very adverse weather conditions!!!

The story revolves around 2 sword masters who have decided to duel to decide who is the best in the land. One goes to a witch for his fortune in concerning the battle. He acts upon that prophecy. But is his choice correct?

Physically just getting to the sets was a challenge at times, but worth it in the end. The musical score was composed by Paul Goossens.

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Sifu Irrational Rabbit: Grant Meredith
Voiced by Leigh Achterbosch

Sifu Flatulent Duck: Rod Lofts
Voiced by Paul Goossens

Prophet Poontang: Leigh Achterbosch
Voiced by Grant Meredith

Servant Bumdag: Dan Jones
Voiced by Sean Letcher

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