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The Curse of the Weremoose originally release in 1996 was an instant hit with the fans. In 2000 though it was re-released with a slightly expanded story line and also with a short Little Johnnie skit.

The film revolves around the mental illness of lycanthropy in which people believe they turn into animal form, usually that of a wolf, but in this case a moose. The results are very silly and hilarious.

The Curse of the Weremoose was shown with public aclaim at the 7MAX 2000 film festival.



Weremoose no.1/Little Johnnie - Grant Meredith
Weremoose no.2 - John Franc
Havasucki Ofmycockee -
Ian Coleman
Tourist no.1 - Rod Lofts
Toursit no.2 - Katie Harrison

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