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Length: 10min 44sec
Resolution: 704 x 576

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Shot in mid 2002, Dangerous Dan Jones was also a very challenging and exciting project for Sick Individual Productions to work on. All the scenes were shot in very difficult locations and the fear on the faces is sometimes real! Especially with having to act on a rocky mountain slope or having to slide down a very steep hill side!! A clever take-off of the unflappable action hero genre. The soundtrack was composed in full by the talented Leigh Achterbosch.

This is my homage to the great adventure movies. Our handsome hero is on a quest for a mighty treasure. In his  way are deadly traps, savage head hunters and Nazis! Will he complete his quest?

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Dangerous Dan Jones: Dan Jones
Arab/Mother: Grant Meredith
Head-hunter/Nazi/Ninja: Leigh Achterbosch
Head-hunter: Paul Goossens
Ben Connellan
Nazi Officer: Augustus Hammerstein
Nazi: Warren Feltham
Escaped Prisoner:
Matt Letcher
School Boy:
Sean Letcher

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