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Actor, Technical Advisor & Onset Photographer

Grant Meredith
Leigh Achterbosch
Paul Goossens
John Franc
Rod Lofts
Peter Beerens
Warren Feltham
Mark Feltham
Daniel Jones
Bit Parts

Sick Individual Biography

If ever a man was born to be a Sick Individual then it was Warren. On screen he oozes professionalism and focus, off screen he oozes professionalism and focus! Warren is also Sick Individual Productions chief on set photographer and is a very heavy contributor to productions of late both onscreen and off screen.

Sick Individual Filmography

Udds Armageddon: Various Roles (Notably Capt. Shittibeard)
Dangerous Dan Jones: Nazi Soldier
The I-Team Project FUBAR: Various Enemy Soldiers
& an early Agent Johnson (Later Recast)
Udds X: UDF Scout