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Complete Mixo Joe vs. The Dragon Script - here

There have been many famous rabbit stars, ranging from Bugs Bunny to Ricochet Rabbit. But none has entertained and inspired people as much as Mixo Joe has!

In 1996 the legendary series began with 'Mixo Joe vs. The Dragon', and went on to spawn 3 more sequels.

The Mixo Joe series was seen as the birth of true film making in the Sick Individual Productions world and much was learnt from this.

True success was seen with 'Mixo Joe vs. The Dragon' being a finalist in the 7MAX1999 film festival and Mixo Joe 2 being shown in the 7MAX2000 festival the following.

Mixo Joe vs.
The Dragon Facts

  • The film was shot in less than 2 hours

  • During shooting Olympic marathon runner Steve Monaghetti ran past us with a crew of 39 or so cheering and waving

  • The role of the Wiseman was played by 2 actors.

  • The Dragon was to originally breathe fire but the Mixo costume caught fire on the day and superimposed fire was used instead

  • There was no script used

  • The magic chant used by the Wiseman is the same used by Bugs Bunny acting as a genie to fool Hasaan in Ali Babba's cave.

  • And a quick fact from Mixo Joe 3 - A small charge was set off to during the scene where Mixo is summoned from the grave. Little did the actors know a fire started behind them while they were still shooting the scene! Oooh, if the Ethics Committee had been around then!


Mixo Joe vs The Dragon

Released in 1996 this is the film that started the whole phenomena! The story is a simple one. A village is threatened by a dragon and the Wiseman summons Mixo Joe with the use of the holy corn. A titanic battle then occurs between the Ninja rabbit and the Dragon. Read the entire script!

Mixo Joe - Grant Meredith
The Dragon - Paul Goossens
Wiseman - John Franc & Paul Goossens


Mixo Joe 2: Enter the Rabbit

Released a year after the original, Mixo Joe 2: Enter the Rabbit expanded the Mixo universe and enemy count. The story once again was simple. The village is once again threatened by evil, this time in the form of Ollie the Orifice Inspecting Bear and his cohort Sam the Mentally Challenged Toucan. Mixo is again summoned and battles the evil twosome with a devastating ending.

Mixo Joe - Grant Meredith
Ollie the Orifice Inspecting Bear - Rod Lofts
Sam the Mentally Challenged Toucan -
Katie Harrison
Warrior Knight no.1 - Dan Jones
Warrior Knight no.2 -
Ian Coleman

Mixo Joe 3: Way of the Rabbit

Released over a year later than the last film, Mixo Joe 3: Way of the Rabbit delved deep into the Mixo psyche and introduced to us his arch enemy in the form of the sorcerer Hsung Tung. Mixo is summoned by Hsung Tung from his grave to serve his needs. Mixo refuses to help Hsung which incites him to wage war on Mixo. We also experience the return of the Dragon and Sam the Mentally Challenged Toucan. Gooey Louey also enters the fray.

Mixo Joe - Grant Meredith
Hsung Tung - Leigh Achterbosch
The Dragon - Paul Goossens
Gooey Louey/Sam the Mentally Challenged Toucan -
Ben Elksnis

Mixo Joe 4: Paws of Fury

Released in 2000 this so far is the final chapter in the Mixo saga. The story is dark and the outcomes shocking. Hsung Tung has travelled through time and started a crime organization in our time. Mixo himself emerges into the future and wreaks murderous havoc on Hsung's gang. Mixo is out for blood and no one is safe! Lots of action and drama makes this film a Mixo classic.

Mixo Joe/himself - Grant Meredith
Hsung Tung/Leigh the Bookie - Leigh Achterbosch
Darth Wutang/Rod the Mechanic & Swamp Monster - Rod Lofts
Paul the Heavy - Paul Goossens
Ben the Thug -
Ben Connellan
Dan the Assasin - Dan Jones


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