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Shot in early 2001, UDDS Armageddon was a huge success and special effects masterpiece!

I wanted to create a war movie and the fans were begging for some more UDD action, so I thought why not explore the "Great UDD War"?.

For 6 months we toiled on the project. Much research and development was needed for the war scenes. This was an expensive movie to make. To view some screen shots of the effects used click here to go to the tips page. The techniques learnt while making this short film has lead the way to bigger and better projects in the future.

The film bleakly captures the war at its height and pulls no punches. The view is shot across the globe to view the various battle fronts around the world. This included scenes set in Mexico, Brazil, Scotland and Israel just to name a few.

This film was warmly appreciated by the public and has been shown in Australia and overseas. Notably it was shown in the 2001 Italian Alternative Film Festival. The musical score was expertly written by Leigh Achterbosch.

View the promo trailer in flash - here!


Various Main Roles: Grant Meredith
Various Main Roles: Paul Goossens
Various Main Roles: Leigh Achterbosch
Freedom Fighter (various): Rod Lofts
Freedom Fighter (various): Dan Jones
Freedom Fighter (various): Mark Feltham
Freedom Fighter (various): Warren Feltham
Freedom Fighter (various): John Franc
Freedom Fighter :
Rory Lusher

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