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Originally made in 1996 and titled The UDD Conspiracy the concept of the UDD was an instant success!

In 2000 the film was re-mastered and new scenes were added. The film was then retitled The Winter of the UDDS, finally the UDD war was created.

The year is the present and two guys on a quest for the meaning of life are given an UDD (rubber glove being) as a gift. Something goes horribly wrong with their new-found friend, before the UDD is replicated by scientists and the new found beings (retaining their originals memory) turn against their creators - man.

The result is a war against humanity itself! The war continues well passed the closing of this film, and to see where you might want to view 2001's Udds Armageddon, and 2006's Udds X.

This film saw great success winning an encouragement award in the 7MAX 2000 Film Festival and a special award in the Riverina Flickerfest 2001 festival.



Original Seeker no.1/Freedom Fighter (various): Grant Meredith
Original Seeker no.2: John Franc
Freedom Fighter (various): Leigh Achterbosch
Freedom Fighter (various): Paul Goossens
Freedom Fighter:
Tommy Higham

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