High Quality Film

Size: 57.1MB
Format: .wmv
Length: 14min 15sec
Resolution: 704 x 576

Low Quality Film

Size: 20.9MB
Format: .wmv
Length: 14min 15sec
Resolution: 320 x 240

Udds X (pronounced Udds Ecks - as in an unknown quantity of Udds) was shot between late 2003 and early 2005, with post production going well into 2006. Udds X is the third film revolving around the original enemy created by Sick Individual Productions called Udds. Be sure to check out the prequels Winter of the Udds, and Udds Armageddon, to get the lowdown on the Udd War thus far.

In 2001 the Udd Defence Force (UDF) thought that the Udds had been defeated and that The Great Udd War was over. Little did they know that the Udds had been in hiding for five years secretly experimenting genetically on themselves.

In 2006 the Udds returned bigger, better, stronger and in a quantity unknown to the human population, while the UDF remains splintered and in low numbers due to The Great Udd War. Prepare for an onslaught! Prepare for conflict! Prepare for consequences!

Visit the ongoing Udds X Production Diary that was created during the phases of production.


Agent G: Grant Meredith
Agent P/Worshipper: Paul Goossens
Agent L: Leigh Achterbosch
Drill Sergeant: Rod Lofts
Agent D: Dan Jones
Sgt. Herfosiwisc/Worshipper: Mark Feltham
UDF Scout: Warren Feltham
Agent Franklin: John Franc

UDF Recruit/Widow: Peter Beerens
UDF Recruit: Nathan Cahill
UDF Recruit: Chris Feltham
UDF Recruit: Shaun Harwood

UDF Recruit: Shane Hoffmann
General Barnaky: Kieran Jones
Cult Leader: Rheinard Korf
Radio Voice (scene #01): Breanna Lloyd
UDF Recruit: Melanie Woods

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